Please follow the rules, as it result a block if you didn't follow it.

Main PoliciesEdit

  • To make a Caption page, make sure the name page is "Younamehere's Captions"
    • Users without their Wikia account can't makie their own caption page.
  • Don't use "Full Size" feature if your photo is LARGE, because this may stretch the page.
  • Follow the Leader/Co-Leader's instruction.
  • If you gonna use the "Impact" caption, make sure it's entirely YOURS and not from the internet.
  • We recommend you to use the Gallery function if you wanna post a bunch of captions.

  • Don't edit others pages without their consent.
  • Don't create spam pages, The only page you need is your own.
  • Unless you have been asked: NEVER link your own pages in someone else's page. SHOW SOME RESPECT!
  • Do not rip Captions off of the Internet. Caption Planet is a place for creativity,and a way to impress others. Captions you make must have the Rolfbot Watermark,and nothing else. Wikia Photo Captions are highly suggested too.
  • There are exceptions to this Rule. If you are posting on a Meme Page like "Bad Luck Brian" it needs to have as many Captions as physically possible.

For new users, we advice you to read this rule and the Beginner's Tip page.

Chat PoliciesEdit

  • Don't spam.
  • If you have added like, 2 photos on your caption page, DON'T share the page in the chat. You don't need us to see EVERY single caption you have done. If you do like 20, THEN you should link.
  • Don't harass other people.