Page Summary

This Page is a How to Guide for suceeding on this Wiki.*

Anyone can edit this Page,to give other's advice.

Keep in mind this Page is only intended to give you the best idea on how to edit, and how to stay clear out of trouble. None of these are compulsory, but are key to your survival here. Compulsory things are what the policies are for.²

If this Page is used for anything but that, there will be SERIOUS consequences. You will be blocked for a LONG amount of Time.²

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* Please note that useful tip may not work in some time.

² According to the wiki policies.                                                                                             

Page Tips

  • To make your Captions look neater, make a seperate Page for Physical Captions,and then make one for Wikia Captions.
  • For your own convenience--it`s a great idea to seperate your Captions into Groups. For Example: Captions about South Park will have their own Heading as "South Park Captions" then Captions for Regular Show will be seperated from the South Park Captions,and a Heading will be made titled "Regular Show Captions" if you want both shows in one Heading---that`s not a problem. Example: Regular Show and South Park Captions
  • You are FREE to put some screenshots from any TV shows, such as cartoons and drama.²
  • You can use the "Imapct Font meme caption", but make sure the photo is YOURS, not from the internet.
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² Using some TV show screenshots may infringe the copyright.

³ According to the wiki policies.

Page Category Tips

  • Pages are generally User-based, however some pages allow for the duplication of your own Captions. As long as said Captions refer to what Page they're on.

Example: A Gaming Caption Page will be created for all to edit on the Wiki. You can add your own new Captions, or you can copy your old ones from your own Pages.

If you have a Caption Page which contains Sonic the Hedgehog Captions--that would be allowed to be added to the Gaming Caption Page.

User Friendly Tips

  • Seasoned Users or Users with irritation/limits don't like other that use lazy spelling like "U" and "UR".
  • They also find lack of punctuation confusing.
  • No one likes a Minimodder. This is listed in the Wiki Rules.
    • A "minimodder" is someone who acts like an Admin when they really are not.

e.g Telling someone not to swear. Even although the wiki rules allows swearing.

  • No one likes a Comment Milker,unless they have something to add to their point

Example: "I like these Captions"

It's better if you say something like : "I like these Captions because....and my favourite is...this is because...",